Steps To Securely Make Payments For Any Of Our Products Online Using Your Naira ATM Card & Get Instant Download!

Follow these simple instructions successfully make payment to our sites with your ATM securely...and download your order instanta... no call... email... everything instant and automatic!


While others are happy and are already enjoying the integration of Instant Interswitch ATM payment method on our websites, a whole lots of others seem to be finding it difficult paying with their cards.

Subsequently, we had to put together, this short pictorial tutorial to show you in simple steps, how you too can make payments for our products and services, even if it's 12 midnight and instantly get access to the product you paid for, without having to call or email anybody or even wait for any additional seconds.

NOTE: For now, only Interswitch Cards, Verve and Naira MasterCardís work on our processor. If your card falls outside this group, you can reach us for an alternative means of payment. This also applies to people not resident in Nigeria.


Okay, for the tutorial, here we go..

1. Once you get to the website you wish to make payments to, look for the 'Order Now' link and click on it. It might come in different names and forms. Most times in the form of image, like the one below:

2. After clicking on it, you'll be redirected to a page like the one below, check the box against 'Interswitch MasterCard Verve' and click on 'Proceed' as shown below


3. Once you taken the above step, you'll be taken to the page, where you input your email address and click on 'make payment' as shown below:

Notice that there is an additional charge of N45.67 or so. It's normal. It's the gateway fee charged by Interswitch for processing your payment. That brings the total amount to N3,044.67 as you can see above.


4. Once you enter your email address and click on 'make payment', you'll be redirected to the Interswitch website proper as shown below.

As shown above, the next thing you do is to select your card type. Check the logo on your ATM card to know the card type.


SIDE NOTE: If you take a good look at the upper right hand side of your browser, you'll notice 'INTERSWITCH LIMITED [NG]' written in green colour. Also note that the url of the web page starts with 'https' instead of the normal http or www. These two parameters are only seen on big and trusted sites like Facebook, PayPal, Amazon etc... and show that the Interswitch website is 100% secured, hence fit and trusted to handle your payments.

5. Upon successfully selecting your card type, you'll see a drop down, where you fill in your card details. For the sake of this tutorial, I'll choose Verve card. The drop down looks something like this:


This image below gives you a clearer picture:


Summarily, what you do is to enter your card number. This is the long 16 digit number on your card. Enter your expiry date as it is on your card, use your mouse to enter your ATM pin. This should be the same PIN you use for ATM withdrawal.

Turn the back of your card, look for the 3 digit CVV2 numbers by the right side of the card and enter in into the Card Verification Value (CVV2).

After successfully entering your card details, simply click on 'Pay' to make the payment proper.

SIDE NOTES: It's also worthy of note that Interswitch wants you, their customer to be protected, hence they have encrypted your card PIN and CVV3. Hence, if you're entering it, nobody sees it. It only appears on your screen as dots. This is a super tight security measure.

6. Upon successful payment, you'll be automatically redirected to a page like this:

Once you're on this page, make sure to click on 'Continue to merchant website' to be redirected to the download page.


It should look something like this:

Simply submit your email to have the product you paid for automatically sent to your email inbox.


 At this point, you're good to go!

Simple follow the instructions and download your order.

Simple and sweet right?

It might interest you to know that this same method of instant 247 payment and auto delivery of purchased digital products have been in existence for years in other parts of the world.


Thank God we finally got hold of it, thanks to Interswitch Nigeria!

Now, public holidays, weekends, holds ups etc can no longer prevent you from taking advantage of that time sensitive offers.

Go digital!

Go auto...

Go profit...


Thanks for your time.

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