If you've been struggling to own a verified PayPal account and anytime you try to open one yourself, your account gets limited the next minute... then...


"Here's The SAFEST, EASIEST And QUICKEST Way To Own A Duly Verified USA PayPal Account And Never Have To Worry About Been Limited By PayPal Anymore!"


From: The Desk of Pat Ogidi, Online Business/Payment Consultant!
Office Address: 
Suite 78, Ogba Shopping Arcade, Ogba, Ikeja, Lagos.

Let's face it...

PayPal does not accept residents of Nigeria and those from some other countries!

That's the harsh but frankest fact...

Hence, if you go to PayPal website and try to sign up an account, you'll waste all your time searching for Nigeria, and will never find it.

I just tried it, and here's what I got:


In as much as PayPal may have their reasons, however...


Does This Then Mean That Someone Cannot Open And Operate PayPal Successfully From Nigeria?

The most honest answer to that question is the ONLY reason we put up this website; to show you our revolutionary method of successfully opening, maintaining and running a duly verified PayPal account from Nigeria.

And when you hear about owning, running and managing a PayPal account from Nigeria, I don't just mean some kind of mumbo jumbo you've been hearing and getting elsewhere, but a duly verified USA PayPal accounts you can use, like these ones below:

And yet another...

No Matter What Your Experiences With PayPal Have Been...


You MUST never risk loosing your hard earned money to PayPal again. Never!

You don't need to over look that paying internet business/program due to PayPal problems. NO, NOT AGAIN!

It's time to get back all you may have lost to PayPal 'wahala'

You don't need all those unnecessary do's and don'ts the so called gurus sing about that have never helped matters.

And Oh yeah, you can own your own USA PayPal accounts in just 5 Days or less GUARANTEED!


Our attention has been drawn to activities of some unscrupulous faceless elements, who copy our website contents verbatim to post on their own, claiming to open PayPal accounts for people.

If they actually know their onions as they claim, why copy other peoples' work?

Beware of these guys as their aim is to collect your money, and either run away, or open a hasty account for you that gets limited before you know it.

A simple search on Google will reveal lots of these thieves. We get a lot of complaints from their victims often. Beware and be advised!

Back to how we can help you get a duly verified USA PayPal account that you'll enjoy... yes, not just anyhow account, but one you can truly use. We will even show you how to start making money into it like we've been doing - all these, you'll discover shortly!

Okay, to prove that our service has been up for long, and will continue to be there, here's one of the testimonials we received from one of our satisfied clients after some days of launching the service...back then!

As you can see from the above image... we launched this service way back in 2010, and ever since then we've been in this service of PayPal opening and verification for Nigerians and nationals of other PayPal banned countries, while improving on it and making it better everyday.

Ever since then, we have helped over 2,000 Nigerians and nationals of other PayPal banned countries get their ways around PayPal. You'll see some of the proofs shortly.



Well, I've been standing aside watching!

Watching the so called "PayPal gurus" make all the noise about PayPal opening and verification.

I hear such jargons as:

"How to Verify PayPal Account with Liberty Reserve", "Open and Verify A PayPal Account in 20 Seconds", "Open a PayPal with Your Nigerian IP and Address for free" and all those other shits littered around the internet.

If you doubt me, Google is your friend - but just be careful you don't laugh your ribs out with some of the funny claims you'll see!

OMG! This thing was nearly getting out of hand. I tried overlooking the trend as I had lots of contracts and jobs with my internet business concerns. Yes, I run a full time internet business consultancy firm, of which one of them involves making legitimate cash into your PayPal...but more about that later!

While I was neglecting these mumbo jumbos by these fly by night racketeers, pressures kept mounting on me from my students, clients and some others, pleading with me to do something before the matter gets even worst.

Each day I logon to my email, I'm always greeted by emails like these ones: 


And yet another...


They keep coming, even till date... like these ones:

and another...



Okay Read This And Note it Down Very Carefully;

One basic fact no one would tell you is; if you don't have the needed information about running and operating a PayPal account from Nigeria or elsewhere PayPal services do not cover, you'll be wasting your time and money trying to do anything with PayPal.


Now let's consider these facts:

 The so called 'PayPal I too know' tell you that all you need to open a PayPal account is to change your IP and you can access it safely... Did they tell you that PayPal has a way of 'catching' you via your browser cookies and cache? Even when you successfully change your IP and access your account, these guys never told you that you are only using a shared IP which will invariably lead to your account been limited the next minute, and probably losing your money.

 They tell you to rush to some sites and buy a virtual credit card, then use it to hurriedly verify your PayPal in 60 seconds... Did they tell you that PayPal has got some powerful tools to detect the difference between physical cards and virtual credit cards? 

 Did the so called 'PayPal gurus' teach you that there are safe times of the day to access your PayPal account? Did they tell you that the only time you must login to your PayPal should be ONLY when you want to withdraw?

Sounds interesting right?

Can you imagine that recently a Nigerian internet marketer friend of mine lost more than $1,800 to PayPal just because one of these 'PayPal gooroos' opened a PayPal account for him and advised him to access his account with a proxy site - hidemyass.com? The worst side of the story is that this guy paid over N50,000 for this service.

If you doubt me, search the internet for "Open Verified PayPal account In Nigeria" and you'll understand what I'm talking about. You find lots of them boasting and even telling you that they own PayPal themselves...LOL!


"If you rush into anything that has to do with PayPal opening and management without equipping yourself with the basic information needed to safely operate a PayPal account, you must meet the rock half way."

~ Pat Ogidi


And if you're not lucky, you loose your money like my friend and cry! I guess you don't want such thing to happen to you at all and I don't too; hence I've come with a lasting solution that will finally nail PayPal problems like never before.


So, Are You Ready For a U-turn?

Sequel to the many requests and pleas for us to do something about PayPal wahala, I came up with something.

In my effort to solving this PayPal roadblock, I have recently liaise with US and Asian e-Payment Solution firms to provide duly verified US PayPal for few selected Nigerians and citizens of other PayPal blacklisted countries; who must be give us assurance of using it for a legitimate purpose.

That is to say that the service will only be accessible to genuine netpreneurs who will never abuse the opportunity. If you would want to seize this opportunity to own your own duly US PayPal account, you'll not only be getting a  verified PayPal account you can securely manage and use for your online transactions without headaches, but will also get the following additional bonuses:

 I talked about accessing your PayPal account ONLY through a DEDICATED IP addressright? As a bonus, you'll get a full one year dedicated IP, with which you can use to safely access your PayPal account with peace of mind. This is very important and account for 80% of the reasons PayPal limit accounts. Quote me anywhere!

Dedicated IP is supposed to cost $10 (N1,600) per month... but you'll be getting a full year FREE access, valued at N19,200!

 Access to My PayPal BluePrint - A guide that shows you how to resolve, avoid and eliminate the PayPal nightmare of having your account limited, money frozen and  online business interrupted in less than 24 hours from the very second it happened, in just a few easy steps... 100% GUARANTEED. Valued at $27 (N4,320)

 Another comprehensive 25 pages guide, valued at $17 (N2,720) which EXPOSES the PayPal Code and help you prepare for the inevitable so you will never have to worry about being limited again. This report answers such mind bulging PayPal questions like:

 Why did your account suddenly get suspended?
 Understanding How "THEY" track you!
 I got limited, now what?
 Should I continue to use PayPal?
 How to create a new account.
 The best way to use your accounts.
 What NOT to do from new PayPal account.

 A report written by me, that shows you 10 solid new and unique ways to make $60 daily into your PayPal account. The jobs in this report are so easy that all you do is just to create account, and copy and paste. Seriously, even if you're a zombie, you can still make a minimum of $60 daily. (That's $6 from each sites). This report is currently selling here for N2,500, but you'll be getting it for free.

 Another comprehensive guide that shows you how to own a USA MasterCard with your name boldly inscribed on it for 100% free, and use it to withdraw your PayPal funds via any GTB, UBA, Fidelity, Stanbic, Firstbank ATM machines. Just imagine being able to withdraw your PayPal money from the nearest ATM machine effortlessly. Valued at N4,500.

 My phone, email and if necessary, office support services - Something those self acclaimed 'gooroos' can never do. Most of them will never allow you see them because they know they are not credible. If I'm to peg a price to this, then it should be around N35,000 flat.

I'll personally offer you the necessary support in matters related, but not limited to the following:

 Choosing the best and trusted PayPal exchangers, 
 The easiest ways to withdraw from your PayPal
 How to fund your PayPal with your local currency,
 How to buy and sell PayPal in Nigeria to make big cash,
 One secret place to buy mobile phone and computer gadgets for as low as $0.1 with your PayPal and have them shipped FREE of charge to you anywhere you are in the world. Frankly, I've bought some 18GB flash drive from this site for peanuts and resold them at 4 times the price here.

 As if all the above are not enough, I'll give you the chance of becoming my affiliate - something I charge N20,000 for - so that you too will be making money from  referring people to our services. I bet you, with the huge demand for a verified PayPal accounts, it will only take make N90,000 monthly from this partnership. Let's say you receive a commission of N2,000 from every person you refer to us, netting 90k is just a matter of getting 20 persons to us. And that's pretty easy, with more than 40,000 Nigerians looking for a lasting solution (like this) to their PayPal wahala.

Would You Like To Enjoy All These?

If you calculate the total of all the bonuses you'll be getting, they are over N80,000!

Now, you're itching to know how to take advantage of this once in a lifetime offer right away, so as to claim all the over N80,000 worth of bonuses listed above right?

I'll let you have the details right away, but before I do that... here's a piece of information you wouldn't want to miss:


We shall only be opening accounts for the next 50 serious minded persons!

And here's how it goes:

 The first 10 persons to place their order for a US PayPal will pay N9,972... slots gone!

 The next 10 persons will have to pay N12,450 ...slots gone as well!

 The next 10 persons pay N16,990 ... slots gone too!

 The next 15 persons pay N19,972...current expires 7 days from today;  

 The last  5 will pay the N35,800.

 Any other person interested after the 50 slots are gone will have to pay the real price of N21,500. After all the so called PayPal gurus charge as high as N50,000 for this service alone. And they give you rubbish...


Okay... Before You Rush To Place Your Order, So As To Claim All The Bonuses, Here's a 101% Money Back Guarantee If You Don't Get A US Verified PayPal Account As Promised:

 I'm aware a lot of people are in doubt about the authenticity of this service, probably because of their past experiences with these fly by night PayPal gurus.

Hence, I declare:

"If you place your order and you get a service short of your expectation, I'll refund your money in full. No beef, no questions asked. Additionally, I will allow you part with the listed bonuses to compensate you for all the troubles and for wasting your time to try our service.

Can you now see that you have nothing to loose?


O Yea! our PayPal account opening and verification service remains the best online... and if you can get such a service anywhere else, I advise you go for it, but at your own risk though...

And in case you're still in doubt, take a look at these:


And yet another;

Now, can you give me one reason why you cannot trust this service everybody is talking good about?

Okay, let me further do something that will blow you off your feet - here's is a fast action takers' bonus, only for those who orders today:

Fast Action Takers' Bonus!

How To Earn $200 A Day In Your PayPal Account Fast.

Yes, to show you how serious I am about helping you get a verified PayPal account today, order for yours TODAY, and get this ebook that sells for $17 here for 100% free!


How to Get Your Own US PayPal Account in & 5 Days or Less!

To get your own verified PayPal account in 5 days from now or less, you can pay the required and appropriate amount using any of the following methods:


Payment Method 1 - Bank Deposit/Online Transfers: Make payments into our company's bank account details below (depending on how fast you are):


Bank Name

Guaranty Trust Bank

Acct. Name

Wealthlifters Concept

Acct. Number

004 364 5757

After payment, email us the following details to paypal@suckthecash.com

  • Your full names.

  • Your email address

  • Your payment teller number or simply put "Internet banking" if you paid via that means.

  • Your payment location.

  • The name of the item you paid for.


Payment Method 2: You can also pay via Interswitch highly secured and encrypted payment gateway, using your ATM card. This option gives you the chance to order from anywhere in the world any time - 24/7 - so far you have an ATM card from a Nigerian Bank.

NOTE - Interswitch handles the payment directly using their highly encrypted secured server technology to ensure that your ATM details are secured. We do not have anything to do with your card details. Interswitch processes the payment and instantly redirects you to the the page to send us your details, even if it's 12 o'clock midnight.

Once you click on the image below, you will be redirected to another page, where you will see3 options, choose INTERSWITCH to pay with your VERVE or MASTERCARD ATM, or choose VISA if your ATM card has the visa logo on it.

(Note that, upon successful payment, make sure to click on "Continue to merchant website" to be automatically redirected to the secured registration area)

How To Make Payments With Your ATM:  Click Here To ead It Online


Once payment is confirmed (which usually takes less than 30 minutes!), we will process your order and get back to you within 5 days.


The Ball Is On Your Court!

However, you may choose to continue missing most internet businesses that require a verified PayPal account or you allow that next opportunity that requires you pay with a PayPal pass you by, or seize this opportunity to beat PayPal once and for all my...

The choice is yours!

For the fact that most people out there charge as high as N50,000 to open a USA PayPal account, I guess you need no angel to tell you that my 50 slots, which is remaining only 20will be fast taken.

One thing I can never do is to force you, but I hope and pray you do yourself this lifetime good!


To your stress-free PayPal ownership,

Pat Ogidi

Wealthlifters Concept®

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  My status

P.S: Why did I say you'll get your PayPal account in 5 days (or less) and not in 15 to 45 minutes just like other people? 

The reason is clear...

Because we are sure of what we do, and want to give you the best. We need to take our time to make sure that we give you something that will really meet and surpass your expectations and demands, instead of empty promises you get elsewhere.

P.P.S: Remember, a lot of these 'self acclaimed gooroos' have copied our websites, and are swindling people. Do not fall for them. Our lawyers are working out plans to deal with them. More so, don't mind anyone promising to open a PayPal account for you in minutes. It's a scam!

P.P.P.S: We deliver on our promises and you can see some of the screenshots here.


Want to get a comprehensive step by step guide on how to open a PayPal account yourself instead, and maybe start opening for people at your own price?

 Click here to download it for only N8,500!


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